MGDINO children themselves kid bike

Number 11



Product Category: kid bike

Product Size: 100.00 * 45.00 * 70.00 (PCT rice)

Product Weight: 8.50 (kg)

Product Price: 898.00 (RMB)

l believe that everyone has his own world of dinosaurs during his childhood. When I was little, I had already had enormous curiosity for dinosaurs. When I got access to this magnesium alloy material AA450, I was greatly impressed with the superior performance of the material itself. An inner voice told me that I must create a classical children’s bicycle for the children today to accompany them during their short and happy childhood. The biggest advantages of magnesium alloy lie in that it is easy to shape, light in weight and perform well in shock absorption. Combing with the central hollow technique, I used the large-section curve segmentation to reduce the weight of the whole bicycle to the limit. The smooth lines of the bike show the potential flexibility of magnesium alloy, which greatly improves the bike’s strength and sense of power.

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