Ship out by EMS.

Standard Shipping: The most affordable option ships to all major destinations in 4 - 6 days to all major destinations.

Before we can ship your order, IUBIKE has to prepare your products, do strict quality-control tests and carefully package items. The duration of preparing your items for shipping and the delivery time is the total time to receive your order.

Delivery problem

It is recommendable that you check the package and the product before you sign on the waybill.

Please refuse to accept the package when you receive the package and find the box is damaged. Then, the package will be returned directly to IUbike in China. IUbike will redo shipment ASAP, normally within 8 business days after receiving the returned package.

If you receive the package and the carton is in good condition, but the product is significantly damaged during shipment, please contact us within 7 days after signing and keep the original waybill, packing boxes etc. The return request needs to be made by customers.

The shipping express company will provide customer compensation number. Please inform us of the compensation number for delivery tracking.

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